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TransLens--“IMAX” on paper

One who has watched IMAX movies knows

that every element in an IMAX theater is planned, designed and positioned with exact standards to draw the audience into something close to reality and create the most immersive experience.

But can you imagine to see the same effect on a piece of paper? 3D, dimension and depth of field, such words usually to describe a space are now adopted in the featuring of papers. ~~~

TransLens gives a strong naked eye 3D feel


Fresnel Lens


That amazing paper is TransLens, a 2D product giving a strong impression of naked-eye 3D effect. The scientific principle adopted to produce TransLens is “Fresnel Lens”, a great invention of spotlighting and remote transmission of light, working together to create depth of field on paper surface.

TransLens, the abbreviation of “Transfer Metalized Lens” innovated by Shunho Creative, is a “Fresnel lens” product, or just ”lens”. Ordinary lens is known with an orbicular shape, but TransLens is glamorous for its variety of forms. Once printed with images, TransLens packaging with the shiny 3D effect is especially eye-catching and upscale among other packagings.



The many manifestations of lensing

When TransLens is combined with the right design and printed on the finished product, it can give the overall product packaging design a gorgeous shiny 3D effect with a three-dimensional feel. This strong visual effect can both make the product stand out from its peers and immediately attract the consumer's attention.


It can also make mediocre packaging shine, enhancing the luxury of the product and making consumers more willing to pay a premium for it.

Career In Business


A wide range of cat's eye products


It’s true that most packagings with glistening effect on market is covered with a layer of non-degradable plastic film, but TransLens is PLASTIC-FREE, totally RECYCLABLE, HOME COMPOSTABLE and NON-TOXIC. (ps: Shunho Creative has obtained several patents on Fresnel Lens transfer paper in China to turn lens products environment-friendly.)


TransLens Plastic-free, Recyclable, Biodegradable

Three important features~~~

The commercialization of lens product is led by Shunho Creative, which has used TransLens in manufacturing the packaging of “Peony Series─Lime” of "Shanghai Tobacco" for China market and “ESSE” of "KT&G" for global market.


With the popularization of sustainability, we believe TransLens will get the attention of more brands and consumers and applied in more industries.




TransLens has become the choice of brands across multiple industries


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