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Natural resources are limited on our earth, if we use up all the world's natural resources, nothing will be left for our future generation.

So recycle is important for everyone live on the earth.

Today if we recycle the packaging and material, we can reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.


As a leading brand of green packaging, Shunho Creative values the concept of sustainability and takes “recyclability” as a required performance of its products and materials.


Our TransMet® packaging material has passed the “Paper Recyclability Test” of European standard. The evaluation report states that once adapting the standard recycling process, TransMet® can be recycled with plain paper both efficiently and economically in industrial plants which treat waste of ordinary grades and even waste from urban waste collection. Simply speaking, TransMet® packaging can be recycled just as plain packaging.


Recycling paper means a lot:

  1. It conserves forest and benefits to ecological balance and environment protection;
  2. Compared with normal pulping, recycled paper pulping is simplified and produces less pollution;
  3. Recycling saves natural resources for more needs.

Today recycle logo could be printed on packaging to show your social responsibility if use TransMet® packaging materials.

Besides TransMet® packaging materials recycling, the plastic film (PET) mainly made of fossil fuels used as carrier in TransMet® production could be recycled either.


Plastic plays an indispensable role in daily life, since other replacements could cause huge energy demands.

As one of the major plastic material, PET has the highest recycling rate in the world.

1.7mt carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced if recycle 1mt plastic.

Compared with other materials, the recycling of PET could reduce 75% carbon dioxide emissions.


During our TransMet® materials’ production, after finishing it’s mission, the PET film could be recycled alone to plastic particles to produce new PET products.


We also encourage our customers to use more post-consumer recycled materials (e.g. recycled paperboard) with TransMet® technology to benefit environment more.


We take recycling as our responsibility and contribute to the global goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Choose Shunho Creative, and join us for a sustainable future!



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