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Metalized paper packaging that grows plants

TransMet®, OK Compost Home certificated packaging materials.


Products with flashing metalized packaging are gorgeous, but leaves a problem: are they environment-friendly? Here’s a laboratory experiment to test TransMet® materials.



In plant growth test, after composting TransMet® paperboard, no residuals are left that exert a negative influence on the germination and growth of barley and cress plants. In biodegradation test, TransMet® paperboard has reached the high standard of disintegration (over 90%) at ambient temperature.


The conclusion is that TransMet® materials in composting conditions do not produce toxic substances and will almost totally degrade into the soil. Moreover, the material is manufactured film-free, only with a metallic layer of 30nm, even thinner than the ink layer. That is to say, the material can be composed in natural conditions and recycled just as the plain packaging.



A small tip to distinguish compostable packagings from those not:


Step 1. Check if the packaging is covered with a layer of film by tearing the material. If is, it can’t be composed.


Step 2. Check if there is a OK Compost logo on the packaging.


Get it?