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Lower carbon footprint

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How important is carbon footprint?

Check how carbon footprint impact on the environment negatively:

Carbon footprint is mainly result from fossil-fuel combustion.

To stop fossil dependency and reduce climate impact, we should choose materials that either recyclable or compostable, TransMet® packaging material meets both needs.

Furthermore TransMet® packaging material is 100% plastic free (PET film used at least 3 times as carrier in production, and recycled at the end), which greatly reduce the usage of plastic made of fossil-fuel. And it with a microscopic thin layer of aluminum, which save mineral resource and energy. Based on the above, choose TransMet® packaging material lower large quantities of carbon emissions meanwhile reduce pollution and enhance economic benefit.

Besides, RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) equipment installed & system applied in our TransMet® packaging materials’ plant to absorb heat from exhaust gas then convert to electric energy, which improving energy efficiency also lowering carbon emissions.


Check How TransMet® packaging material lower carbon footprint than alternatives:

  Aluminium foil laminated paper PET laminated paper

Transmet® board

Carbon Emission

207.36 kg 49.95 kg 10.89 kg

Equivalent trees

11.5 trees 2.8 trees 0.6 trees

Together we believe that our TransMet® packaging materials and solutions can make a difference on the planet.



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