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Nowadays, about four billion tonnes of waste are produced in the world every year including packaging. However most of them aren’t naturally compostable.

TransMet®, a shinning metalized packaging material makes your products gorgeous, people may have a question, is TransMet® naturally compostable?

The answer more than you might think, especially when compared to common waste, which many of them take much longer to decompose than TransMet® packaging.



Here’s a laboratory experiment to test TransMet® packaging materials.

In plant growth test, after composting TransMet® packaging materials, no residuals are left that exert a negative influence on the germination and growth of barley and cress plants.

In biodegradation test, TransMet® packaging materials has reached the high standard of disintegration (over 90%) at ambient temperature.

In disintegration test, TransMet® packaging materials achieved the target 90% disintegration rate within 26 weeks at ambient temperature.

The conclusion is that TransMet® packaging materials in composting conditions do not produce toxic substances and will almost totally degrade into the soil. That is to say, the material can be composed in natural conditions according to European standard.

TransMet®, OK Compost Home certificated packaging materials.

A small tip to distinguish compostable packaging from those not:

Step 1. Check if the packaging is covered with a layer of film by tearing the material.

If yes, it can’t be composed.

Step 2. Check if there is a OK Compost logo on the packaging.

Get it?

Nothing should last forever neither should packaging.

Choose TransMet® packaging material, you will not only get gorgeous and unique packagings, but also contribute to solving the waste issue.



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