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  • TransLens™, the abbreviation of “TransMet® Lens”, is the newest member of TransMet® family.
  • Traditional “Fresnel lens” is well known with film/plastic, TransLens™ innovated by Shunho Creative, is a plastic-free packaging material with same shiny metallic 3D effect of “Fresnel lens” product.
  • 0% plastics, Recyclable, Home Compostable and Non-Toxic.
  • Unlimited lens shapes and sizes.
  • When TransLens™ is combined with the right design and printed on the finished product, it can give the overall product packaging design a gorgeous shiny 3D effect with a three-dimensional This strong visual effect can both make the product stand out from its peers and immediately attract the consumer's attention.
  • Shunho’s TransLens™ products can be applied in variety of industries from electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, liquor, apparel, gifts, etc.


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7 products
7 products