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TUV Assessment for “Verified Supplier”

Aug 03,2022 | Shunho Creative

On Aug 3rd this year, the famous assessing organization TUV came to Shunho Creative’s factory and office, conducted their assessment on site and granted us “Verified Supplier” title on Alibaba.com.

Our technicians and related staff cooperated closely with TUV’s personnel on all aspects as requested, such as documentation review, on-site production and research equipment evaluation, products sample assessing, import and export ability etc. Unsurprisingly, Shunho Creative passed TUV’s assessment, and it’s the second time that Shunho Creative has passed the assessment beside 2021. Therefore, from 2022 to 2023, Shunho Creative will remain a “Verified Supplier” on Alibaba.com.

In 2021, Shunho Creative opened its E-commerce business line on Alibaba.com as the company’s new adventure of expansion. We believe our professional skills, unique know-how and more than 20 years of business experience could be better used for our customers with Alibaba’s E-commerce platform.

In order to maximize Shunho Group’s advantages on factory production capacity, R&D Lab ability, unique visual 3D-effect developing expertise and so on, we chose the hard way to open our E-commerce site as a “Verified Supplier” on Alibaba.com.

Alibaba delegates the globally famous certifying organization−TUV Rheinland to assess the quality of a supplier and to ensure each “Verified Supplier” matches its standards. Each applying supplier is assessed yearly by TUV on the scope of Current Export Situation and Capacity, Quality Assurance, Development plans and implication, Current Corporate Certification, Human Resources, R&D ability etc. Once all abilities are assessed and certified as “pass”, Alibaba platform will issue a mark on the supplier’s site to show its trustworthy quality to site viewers and customers.