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Shunho Creative Resumes Overseas Trip

Mar 10,2023 | Shunho Creative

With the optimization of China’s epidemic response, the time is now for enterprises to go overseas. Encouraged by the eased policy and restored confidence to development, Shunho Creative started a 19-day trip in Southeast Asia this February. It visited old as well as new clients, explored the new need and new trend of local market, shared our idea of sustainability, and brought more opportunities of business cooperation.

The main purpose of this journey was to figure out the status quo of packaging market in post-epidemic Southeast Asia: what problems they were facing in the trend of sustainability, and what we could offer to them? After a market survey, we found many local brands and printing houses were still using traditional film laminated paper and foil laminated paper. It indicated a great demand for metallized paper. As a participant of “plastic-free” trend, Shunho Creative would like to promote the use of eco-friendly package among brands and integrate brand image with the concept of green development.

Metallized paper packaging on local market

Shunho team also visited dozens of local printing and packaging companies and found they have made great advancement in printing techniques, devices, materials etc.. The team shared its sustainable solutions and discussed the possibilities of eco-friendly packaging with clients. The team also brought some samples of the cutting-edge packaging design in Chinese market, in which the clients showed a great interest, especially the sustainable and custom types.

This visit crossed boarders and cities, including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Surabaya and other places. From the moment of getting off the plane, the whole team had a very tight schedule, either meeting old friends or negotiating with new customers. Although Shunho team kept contact with customers via the convenient online-meeting and email, only face-to-face communication could lead to more practical and efficient cooperation, as well as making customers get the real charm of TransMet® paper. It’s a consensus that the potential market in Southeast Asia is huge. Shunho Creative has the advantage to expand its business there with its mature technology, qualified products, improved service and experienced staff members. It will strengthen its cooperation with the local business partners and keep improving its service and competitiveness.