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TransMet®─Beauty and Green of Packaging

Jan 17,2022 | Shunho Creative

Much has been discussed about the protection, convenience and promotion function of packaging, but what will be the next topic in the post-epidemic era? Let’s lead you to explore the beauty and green of packaging.

Firstly, a word definition:

What is TransMet?

It’s the abbreviation of “Transfer Metallized”, of which the brand possession is taken by Shunho in China, the US and EU. “TransLens” and “TransHolo” are also TransMet products.

How was TransMet technology generated?

It actually came from German and was improved by Shunho with innovation. The technology was adapted to the Chinese market and more industries, and then promoted to the world. In 2000, Shunho initialized the application of TransMet in packaging. 20 years later, World leading international company BAT cooperated with Shunho by replacing its film laminated packaging with TransMet packaging and promoting the new packaging in its world market.

Finally let’s come back to the first question: how does TransMet agree with the beauty and green aspect of packaging?

Beauty of packaging

Packaging drives consumption, an assertion confirmed in the “Insight Report of the Consumption Attitude of Generation Z in 2020” by CBNData. The report shows that 64% consumers would buy products with more attractive packaging. Generation Z is more concerned about the “fancy looking” rather than the cost performance valued by the older generation. With the increasing demand for high-end and personalized products, the era of "fancy packaging" has arrived.

From the classic TransMet® Gold&Silver, the splendid patterned TransMet® Holographic, the 3D TransMet® Lens to the personalized TransMet® Inspire, Shunho has created countless fancy-looking and unique effect patterns for packaging.

The four series of TransMet® products

As the most eye-catching product on shelves, TransMet would inspire designers and empower brands.

TransMet® products on shelves

Green packaging ~

TransMet follows the 4R1D principle with sustainable packaging solutions.

  • Reduce

    Compared with traditional aluminum foil lamination & PET lamination, the TransMet production reduces the use of plastic film and aluminum foil by at least 65%, which reduces the packaging cost as well as promoting the sustainable packaging.

  • Reuse

    Plastic film is simply a "carrier" in the TransMet production and will be reused at least three times. Finally, it will be recycled to produce other plastic products.

  • Recycle

    TransMet packaging is plastic free. It can be recycled and reproduced into paper.

  • Recovery

    In our TransMet plants, we’ve installed and used RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) equipment and system to recollect the heat released from the decomposition of exhaust gases and convert it into electricity for reuse in production, which is a very efficient way to recover heat energy.

  • Degradable

    TransMet packaging is authorized to be printed with the logo of OK Compost Industrial or OK Compost Home because it is certified biodegraded in natural environment.

In addition, the coating used in TransMet production is supported by the renown EASTMAN. The final product is safe for food contact while conforming to the standards of the US and EU, let alone REACH.

A comparison among TransMet, Aluminum lamination, PET lamination:

  TransMet Aluminum lamination PET laminate
Reduce Aluminium  

Choose TransMet, you will have a unique experience of packaging and a better way to demonstrate your responsibility for a sustainable future as a brand.