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Paper Structure

Apr 02,2022 | Shunho Creative


1. Peel off PET Film

PET film is used in producing TransMet paper, but will be peeled off and reused for several times in the next rounds of production.

2. Release Coating

The release coating is from the renown EASTMAN, a global specialty materials company. It is for the easy removal of the PET film.

3. Embossing

On the coating layer is an optional embossing that leaves unique patterns on the paper surface.

4. Aluminum Layer

TransMet consumes only 1/200 aluminum of that consumed in producing the same amount of aluminum foil. The aluminum layer, or the metalized layer in TransMet is only 30nm thick, even thinner than the ink layer.

5. Water-based Adhesive

Water-based adhesive is non-toxic and friendly to the environment. No VOC emission is produced during the paper drying.

6. Base Board

TransMet is compatible with almost all the baseboards in the market, including whiteboard, art paper, craft paper and recycled board of a large weight range (30~450gsm).