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TransMet® paper is certified recyclable!

Jan 25,2022 | Shunho Creative

In recent years, China is accelerating the implementation of a waste separation system, and the phrase "What kind of waste are you today?" This phrase has quickly ignited the internet.

Recyclable waste is a category of waste that, through comprehensive treatment, can reduce pollution and save resources. As a leading brand in eco-friendly packaging, Shunho Creative is always concerned about the environmental impact of its products and is committed to their sustainability, with "recyclability" being one of its requirements.

Recyclability testing

Following our certification as compostable and degradable for industry and homes, we recently received the good news that our TransMet® paper has passed the European standard for recyclability testing.

The test results show that TransMet® paper can be recycled in both regular-grade waste treatment plants and municipal waste treatment plants, as long as standard recycling processes are followed.  This means that boxes made from TransMet® can be recycled directly in the same way as ordinary white card boxes.

The significance of paper recyclability is significant .

Its main features are :

  1. It reduces the felling of trees and contributes to ecological balance and natural environmental protection.
  2. It can reduce pollution, as the production process of waste pulp is simpler than the traditional pulping process and produces a smaller pollution load.
  3. It can save raw materials and alleviate the shortage of raw materials for paper production in China, and the saved fibres can increase the production of pulp and paper to meet the needs of society and industrial production.

The recycling of shunho creative products demonstrates the social responsibility of the company and the brand, and is a contribution to the national goal of "energy saving and emission reduction" and the long-term development of a circular economy.