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The story of Chunghwa

Jun 21,2022 | Shunho Creative

Chunghwa is famous not only in China, but also worldwide. In 2000, in order to keep up with China’s policy of being eco-friendly, Chunghwa changed its packaging board into TransMet®. Meanwhile, after China entered WTO, Chunghwa was instructed by the authority to amplify the production by 6 times to meet China’s WTO policy. But yet, the alum metal consumption used for its packaging only amounts up to 1/200 as before. In order to meet the production requirement, the printing and packaging speed is increased significantly, TransMet® board perfectly overcomes this challenge. We could see this case as an evidence that shows TransMet® board is both eco-friendly and efficient. As a product being sold for 70 years, we still could see its eye-catching, good-looking packages shinning in the shops.